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Zach was a loving son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, and a friends to so many. Zach always saw the good in everyone and was always there for his friends. Zach suffered from mental illness after some tragic events happened in his young life. Unfortunately on June 22nd, 2022, Zach lost his battle with mental illness and passed away from suicide. We want to continue to live through Zach and spread positivity everywhere as he did while silently struggling himself. We want everyone to know that “You Matter”, this message was proudly displayed on every sweatshirt that Zach owned. Even though he was silently struggling with his own darkness, Zach proudly spread this message. Zach taught me to see the good in everyone and to be kind always, you never know what someone is going through.


I want to be more like Zach.


Wherever we go, we continue to see butterflies everywhere. We have seen these beautiful creatures at the cemetery, on vacation, in the back yard, etc, we know Zach is with us everywhere we go. He shows up to let us know that he is okay.

This is why we have chosen butterflies to spread positivity and to let others know that “YOU DO MATTER”!!


-Lisa Russell


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